Thursday, March 25, 2010

NRCS programs for fruit growers

Abbreviated from presentation at NH Fruit Growers Annual Meeting, March 25, 2010.

NRCS Programs for Fruit Growers (abbreviated from presentation by NRCS representative)


Environmental Quality Incentives Program


Agriculture Management Assistance

deer fencing (EQUIP)

  • existing orchard
  • documentation of deer browsing
  • photo of deer in orchard
  • photo of damage and tracks
  • 8 ft. high, 12.5 ga hi-tensile woven wire
  • must meet standards
  • full payment rate is $11 per foot
  • consider using a professional installer

bird netting (AMA)

  • highbush blueberry, grape, cherry?
  • documentation required
  • $3534 per acre
  • plastic netting

high tunnels

  • financial assistance for 2,178 sq. ft
  • seasonal polyethylene covered structure (no electric, ventilation, heat)
  • 4-year lifespan (then you can do what you want)
  • has to meet criteria
  • $5.52 per sq ft payment


  • IPM activity plans ($2,900 per plan)
  • certified provider
  • payment made to implement plan
  • scouting, monitoring equipment

May 14, 2010 funding cut-off cycle

paperwork needs to be completed by completed mid-April