Wednesday, February 13, 2008

NYS Fruit & Veg Conference

A few trade show newbies from the New York State Fruit & Vegetable Conference (Feb. 13 and 14, 2008) in Syracuse, NY:
  • I just asked about 'Gale' Gala on the apple-crop discussion group and here it is, thanks to Adams County Nursery. Turns out it is a solid red, similar to 'Buckeye' Gala. A limb sport from Washington. They look good, but some have concerns about it being too much like 'Buckeye' without a characteristic Gala appearance. You be the judge.
  • John Harper, AMVAC technical representative with the new Fruitone-L label. Fruitone-L is a liquid formulation of Fruitone-N, which will make handling easier. Transitioning from -N to -L will be simple too -- the liquid ounce of -L is equivalent in amount of NAA to the solid weight ounce of -N. In other words, if you used 4 oz. of Fruitone-N to get 10 PPM of NAA per 100 gallons, you would use 4 liquid oz. of Fruitone-L to get 10 ppm in 100 gallons. Interestingly, the AMVAC label for -L suggests a rate of 1.0 to 4.0 ounces per 100 gallons on 'moderately difficult-to-thin' varieties such as Gala, Honeycrisp, Ginger Gold, Jonagold, and Empire, which equates to 2.5 to 10 PPM. The -N label, in the same table, uses PPM only -- no mention of rate in oz. Interesting.
  • Paul Wooley of Stark Bros. has something new up his sleeve, and no, it is not 'Candy Crisp' on the information sheet he his holding. (Although he is still high on it!) The red apple concealed under his left hand is a chance seedling discovered in a hedge row in the Hudson Valley, which although Mac-like in appearance, Paul says had a very high firmness at maturity (like 28 lbs.), and was still firm and tart-sweet at this point (I tried a slice) despite what he says was being kept under less-than-ideal conditions under 'garage' storage. Keep on plugging those Candy Crisp for now Paul!
  • OESCO's Howard Boyden shows off a Lancman water operated fruit press. This Slovenian beauty is stainless steel, and can be loaded with five bushels (of chopped) apples with an output of 15 gallons of juice/cider. Ideal for the hobby fruit grower or very small marketer of fruit juice(s). Note that it can be used for grapes (wine makers, have to be crushed and de-stemmed first) and other fruits too, such as cherries (?) or peaches/plums.
  • Mark Shannon of Suterra holds one of his CheckMate mating disruption products, in this case the sprayable formulation for oriental fruit moth. Suterra also manufactures traditional clip-on dispensers and a new 'Puffer' applicator for codling moth. Time-release dispensers and the 'Puffer' are OMRI approved.
  • Steve Zimmerman of Valent Biosciences is proud of their new label for Clutch insecticide, an new neonicotinoid insecticide that is effective on most insects with chewing or sucking mouth-parts, including aphids, leafhoppers, leafminers, apple maggot, codling moth, plum curculio, and more. It is registered for use on apples and pears. Steve says there is 3 feet of snow on the ground up in south-central Maine where he lives!
  • Finally, Cynthia Turski, IPM Product Specialist with Spectrum Technologis shows off one of their new 2000 series WatchDog weather stations. These stations are ideal for pest/disease forecasting, particularly with the optional Apple/Pear alert software package.
BTW, all picts taken with Apple's iPhone -- I can't recommend it highly enough, for many reasons, among them, this.