Tuesday, March 4, 2008

VT Tree Fruit Growers' Assoc. Meeting and OrganoPhosphate Alternatives

Although I gave two talks last week at the Vermont Tree Fruit Growers' Association 112th Annual Meeting in Middlebury, VT, so did Art Agnello from Cornell University. I thought his talk "OP Alternatives in Apple Arthropod Management" was most interesting. In that he laid-out a season-long program for controlling the major insect pests in northeast apple orchards using mostly new, 'reduced-risk' insecticide alternatives to Guthion, Imidan, etc. I actually took notes:

PINK spray for RAA and LM...
  • Actara, Assail, Calypso
  • Movento* for RAA
PETAL FALL spray...
  • for PC: Actara, Avaunt, Calypso
  • for EAS: Actara, Assail, Avaunt, Calypso, Altacor*
  • for internal leps (CM, OFM): Assail, Avaunt, Calypso, Delegate, Intrepid, Rimon, Altacor*, Belt*
  • for OBLR: B.t., Delegate, Intrepid, Proclaim, Rimon, Altacor*, Belt*
SUMMERS sprays...
  • for LM, LH, aphids: Assail, Avaunt, Calypso, Provado, Movento*
  • for internal leps (CM, OFM): same as PETAL FALL
  • for OBLR: same as PETAL FALL
  • for AMF: Assail, Calypso, Delegate
*new insecticide, probably not available for 2008, but most likely for 2009