Friday, August 10, 2012

IFTA 2012 Quebec - Day 1 cont. Cidrerie Du Minot

Although we had sampled some of Quebec's wonderful ciders during the pre-tour social on Wednesday evening, now we got a chance to visit one of Quebec's outstanding cider makers, Cidrerie Du Minot in Hemmingford. (We've been in Hemmingford for awhile now.) We sampled and bought (left) some of their gold medal winning ciders. The Demoy family, owners of Du Minot, in addition to the cider mill manage nearly 130 acres of orchard, the whole of which goes to cider production. Apples grown include McIntosh, Cortland, Lobo, Melba, Empire, Liberty, Trent, Geneva, and -- that favorite cider apple -- golden russet. The cider press at Du Minot is state-of-art and efficient at turning the dollar value up on apples that come out as juice and are fermented into cider.

Golden Russet apples are finicky to grow, but prized for making cider

Modern cider press at Cidrerie Du Minot (click here for large image)

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