Thursday, August 9, 2012

IFTA 2012 Quebec - Day 1 cont.

After touring the Applesnax/Leahy Orchards processing plant -- they have a 70% market share in Canada for packaged applesauce, slices, and baby food, no pictures allowed -- we moved on to the M.J. Bourdeau Orchards in Havelock (about 35 miles southwest of Montreal, near the NY border), where Mario returned to the farm in 1990 which was then mostly standard and semi-dwarf apple trees. Now, with his son and wife, Mario farms 57 acres of apples in two location, and they have a large sugarbush. (A sugarbush are sugar maple trees tapped for sap to produce maple syrup.) We visited a 12 acre new dwarf planting, where standard trees were removed, and pearl millet was planted to help ameliorate replant disease. Above left, Paul Emile Yelle (our host and tour guide) discusses with Mario some of the finer points of training these Rogers McIntosh/B.9 to the Solaxe (below).
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