Saturday, January 4, 2014

Near record cold...

Daily (morning) lows (degrees F.) for 01/04/14 in Massachusetts. Peach (and other stone fruit) bud damage will occur at -10 F., depending on variety and preceding weather (which has been cold). There was likely some bud damage to less hardy peach cultivars, however, we probably escaped relatively unscathed. But ask me again in April, and the winter is not over yet. Thanks to for the data. JC

Amesbury, -5
Ashfield, -11
Belchertown, -6
Belchertown-2, -8
Bolton, -7
Boston (Weld Hill), -3
Deerfield, -11
Dracut, -12
E. Bridgewater, -12
Harvard, -11
Northboro, -6
Seekonk, -4
Sharon, -11
S. Deerfield, -11
Stow (Shelburne), -11
Stow, -11
Tyngsboro, -13
Waltham (UMass), -7
Westfield, -13
Pittstown (NJ), 1
Calais (VT), -20

Update: For what it's worth, here are the past week and past month temperature graphs. Note the 60+ a little over 2 weeks ago.

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